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In studies* a staggering 71% of website, app and other technology projects end up with missing features, costing more money, taking longer to produce or just fail altogether.

One of the biggest causes of problems with any project is misunderstandings over what is required, when and why.

A great proposal or brief stops those sort of problems right at the start with all of those details clearly set out in terms that everyone can understand. This can be difficult to write, but our Free Digital Project Playbook makes it easy.

By working through the playbook you'll know that you have given your project the best chances of success.

It's totally free to use so give it a try.

Turn your first steps into giant leaps

* Standish Chaos Report 2015

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By using the Digital Project Playbook you can be confident you've covered all the important details and taken a successful first step towards a successful project.